sherlock in a nutshell

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but has anybody asked how the fox feels

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so if eren is a teenager

wouldn’t that make him a 

teen titan


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if i had 3d maneuver gear i’d probably be like one of those dumb pigeons who fly into a window

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Anonymous said: What ever happened to the gorillaz


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Ja bardzo przepraszam, ale zobaczyłam TO i się nie mogłam powstrzymać.


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Mixed Media Illustrations by Hollie Chastain

Website | Facebook | Tumblr

The Only Magic Left is #ART01

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If you missed yesterday’s entry, this is the second in the ‘Mused on Tattoos’ series for Hero Complex Gallery’s Young Guns of Print show!

This time it’s the tough-as-nails biker, Hades (complete with helm of darkness), who has booked a sitting. I suppose it’s only natural that the Greek god of the underworld would have a lot of morbid imagery (But I bet underneath his tough exterior he’s actually a big softy).

So the show opens tonight and there are so many cool artists contributing that you should probably just go. Here, I’ve linked to accessible parking near the gallery.

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